Energya Steel Fabrication Egypt #3

Energya Steel Fabrication’s success has been born out of the individual brilliance and the know-how of its expertise, where the management has capitalized on their abilities and quest for innovation. These factors are driven by solid investments and proper strategic direction since inception in 2006 in 10th of Ramadan City in Egypt.
With 316,000 SQM total plant area and 191,840 MT/Year Production Capacity, we have the ability to provide multiple engineering services including Design, Supply, Fabrication, Galvanization, Painting and Site Delivery of Structural Steel, Plate Works, Transmission Towers, Telecommunications Towers, Lighting Poles, and Distribution Poles, High Mast, Hot Dip Galvanization, Spare Parts, Pre-engineered Buildings, Grating and Galvanized Steel Wires in addition to Electromechanical services.
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Energya Hot-dip galvanization plant has the biggest Kettle Dimension in the Middle East with annual capacity of about 50,000 ton / year.
- Kettle Dimension: 16.5 (L) X 2 (W) X 2.95 (D)
- Zinc Stripping Tank: 1 No.
- Fluxing Tank: 1 No.
- Acid Tank: 2 Nos.
- Rinsing Tank: 3 Nos.
- Pickling Tank: 5 Nos.
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