Energya Cables, a division of Energya Industries

Energya Cables, a division of Energya Industries, was established aspiring to be one of the top regional leaders in the manufacturing & supply of electrical Power Cables (up to 500 KV) and the full range of the specialty Cables.

One of the largest manufacturers of power cables

As a company Energya cables is considered one of the largest manufacturers of low, medium, high, and extra high voltage power cables in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East since 1988.

We provide high quality products

Our primary objective is to provide high quality products and full technical solutions catering to our customers’ specialized needs that not only satisfy our customers’ requirements but also exceeds their expectations.

Broad range of products

Our broad range of products includes low, medium, high, and extra high voltage cables with copper or aluminum conductors, PVC or XLPE insulated Steel or Aluminum tape, or wire armored, PVC or PE sheathed.

Continuous enhancement of our products range

As we believe in continuous enhancement of our products range, which is one of our strategic goals, Energya recently started to produce submarine cables and extra high voltage cables up to 500 KV with a lead sheath that provides high level of protection to the cable. At the same time, we qualified our management system to fully achieve ISO 9001: 2015 EH&S requirements to delight our customers and gain their confidence.


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Energya power cables



Considered one of the largest manufacturers of low, medium, high, and extra high voltage power cables in Egypt and the Middle East since 1988.

Energya Specialty Cables

  • The company goals are to provide maximum service and flexibility to utility companies, telecom operators, turn-key projects contractors, car manufactures, construction sector wholesalers, appliance manufacturers, industrial projects consultants and EPC contractors worldwide.
  • The range of cables manufactured is therefore quite diverse and includes Instrumentation Cables, Systems Cables, Process Control Cables, Fire Resistant Cables, Fire Retardant Cables, Low Smoke Zero Halogen Building Wires, Normal Range Building Wires, Flexible Cables, Copper Telephone Cables.

Jeddah cables

Jeddah Cables Company was established in 1989 as a startup plant in low voltage Cables. Today there are four major plants with more than 50,000 tons of products and close to 800 employees operating vigorously to serve the community and satisfy customer needs. Jeddah Cable specializes in power cables serving utilities, contractors, O&G and various other market segments.

Our manufacturing facilities include process machinery from the most advanced worldwide companies in the field from highly technological countries, alongside the first vertical vulcanization (VCV) tower (125 m high) in the Kingdom to produce 500 KV Energy Cables.

Jeddah Cables has differentiated itself with quality products and customer service and adaptation. The long historical experience incubated at Jeddah Cable empowers it to compete in and penetrate various markets and products. The product range varies from 1mm2 wire for automation and control to 2500mm2 HV power cables.

The manufacturing facilities rank among one of the most advanced plants since it has undergone three phases of expansion in less than ten years.

Jeddah Cables the HV segment in 2011 after a complete setup for equipment and laboratory which has put the company on the map of high tech and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Energya plastic

Was emerged to produce all cable-grade plastic compounds. It expands the group product range upstream and includes wire and cable plastics products with an annual capacity of 100,000 Tons, that cover PVC, PE (LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE), XLPE (LV, MV), HFFR, LSHF, & Semi-conductive Materials. This capacity is currently serving all cable producers in the MENA region and turkey in addition to the internal consumption by the group cable plants.

The Company has set internationally high standards and guidelines for meeting quality parameters. Stringent quality control and functional tests are conducted to ensure that the product meets the customer specification. The company has a highly qualified team of capable Industry professionals and state of art machinery.

The manufacturing facility ranks among one of the most advanced plants in the country with totally new technology by twin-screw machine supported with new stringent quality control to produce XLPE & HFFR Compounds.

Energya metals


With the ability to produce all the groups rod in Copper and Aluminum 99.99% pure rods. This company ensures our customer ease of mind in terms of material availability and absolute Quality control for all downstream cable products.

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